Personal/Slip and Fall Injuries

Speed Up Your Recovery With Our Personal Injury Chiropractors


If you have suffered an injury, our health care professionals encourage you to schedule an appointment with our personal injury chiropractors. Whether work or sports related, the result of an auto accident, a slip, or a fall, sustaining an injury can reduce the quality of your life and keep you from participating in the activities you love. If left untreated, these types of injuries can result in uncomfortable scar tissue, reduced flexibility, and ongoing, lifelong symptoms like pain, headaches, reduced mobility, and even insomnia. Don’t let an injury change the course of your life; recover quickly with help from our personal injury doctor at North Atlanta Chiropractic Center.

Accident-Related Injuries

Time and time again, we have all heard the phase, “accidents happen,” but we rarely talk about the injuries that seemingly harmless accidents can cause. Slips, falls, minor fender benders, and repetitive motions lead to painful spinal injuries, torn ligaments, pulled muscles, whiplash, or throw your back out place (improper spinal alignment). These types of accident-related injuries often do not present immediate symptoms, but will begin to display delayed-onset symptoms with pain, tenderness, stiffness, dizziness, and headaches setting in sometimes as late as weeks after the incident. Though symptoms might not be present, seeking out personal injury treatment immediately after can reduce, mitigate, or even prevent symptoms from developing altogether. Our personal injury chiropractors use chiropractic techniques like spinal adjustment and K-Laser therapy to reduce pain, inflammation, and promote healing at the site of the injury.

When the body sustains an injury, the spine often loses proper alignment, developing what are called subluxations (vertebrae which have slipped out of place). These subluxations hinder the nervous system’s functionality, impede circulation, and cause pain by pinching nerves and creating muscle tension. Using chiropractic adjustments, our personal injury doctor returns the spine to its proper, natural alignment, relieving stress on the nervous and circulatory systems as well as reducing pain and inflammation. Improved circulation also allows for the delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients to the injury which accelerates healing.

K-Laser Therapy

In addition to spinal adjustments, our personal injury chiropractors harnesses the healing power of K-Laser therapy to reduce pain, inflammation, and enhance deep tissue repair. K-Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light in red and near infrared on the spectrum to stimulate tissue on a cellular level. K-Laser therapy has been shown to improve bone and soft tissue repair while also bolstering nerve function and regeneration. K-Laser therapy has also been shown to accelerate the healing process by increasing the body’s circulation, reduce inflammation, and provide much needed pain relief to patients who have sustained injuries related to accidents.

We work with each patient to develop a unique personal injury treatment plan tailored to suit each person’s injury and individual wellness needs with treatments selected from our complete menu of services. Start your road to recovery today and schedule a consultation with our personal injury doctor at North Atlanta Chiropractic Center.

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