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Creating a Comprehensive & Effective Treatment Plan

Auto accidents are a common occurrence in daily life, and they are also a leading source of orthopedic injuries that might lead to chronic pain and limited mobility without the right care. Though most car accidents are minor, low-impact collisions, they can still cause injuries that may have lingering symptoms. At North Atlanta Chiropractic Center, we will provide comprehensive non-invasive care for your auto accident injuries while working with your insurance company to minimize your stress as you focus on your recovery. This article will offer a close look at the different types of injuries that car collisions may cause and the treatment options we have available to minimize your pain. We work with highly respected attorneys in the Atlanta area, and will set up a consultation with an attorney if your injuries are a result of an auto or work place accident. We are dedicated to healing the lives we touch!

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Oftentimes, auto accident injuries will have delayed symptoms like headaches, back pain, or muscle stiffness that can set in anywhere from 24-48 hours after the accident. It is important that you do not ignore symptoms and seek medical attention right away, since the following injuries can worsen over time, leading to chronic pain.

  • Whiplash – Whiplash is the most frequently seen injury resulting from auto accidents. It can occur when the head is suddenly thrown forward and then back, causing stress to the ligaments and other soft tissues of the cervical spine. Common whiplash symptoms include headaches, limited motion of the neck, stiffness, and trouble sleeping.
  • Seatbelt injuries – While seatbelts are lifesaving, they can be the source of minor injuries, such as stress to the shoulders and extremities. These injuries result from the body being thrust forward by the impact of the collision and then being held back with a locking seatbelt.
  • Spinal trauma – Many individuals will begin to experience pain in the lumbar spine following car accidents, because the lower back is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body when it comes to musculoskeletal injuries.

Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Accidents

Seeing a chiropractor immediately after an auto accident will allow you to receive an accurate diagnosis of injuries with X-ray imaging so that you can receive the care you need right away. Chiropractic adjustments can loosen stiff muscles and relieve tension while aiding in the healing of soft tissues that may become strained during a collision. Chiropractic care is highly successful in treating non-emergent auto accident injuries, as injuries of this nature tend to affect soft tissues, which are able to be manipulated externally.

When you need chiropractic care near Atlanta, you can look to North Atlanta Chiropractic Center for the detailed care you need to get better quickly. We offer same-day appointments and we work with most insurance providers for efficient, streamlined care. To schedule an appointment with us today, call (770) 806-0644.

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