K-Laser Therapy Helps Heal Injuries

Many people have heard of K-Laser Therapy, but they don’t know what it is or how it will help them with their pain or injury. At North Atlanta Chiropractic Center, this therapy is used with great success to help patients suffering with neck or back pain after a car accident or work place injury. The therapy is also used to help those injured from a repetitive motion, or sudden injury.

K-Laser Therapy in a non-invasive, non-surgical solution used to treat pain, reduce inflammation and aid healing. This treatment was approved by the FDA as a therapy proven to increase circulation, reduce pain and inflammation and enhance tissue healing.

I have a personal story to share about the effectiveness of this treatment. Sadly, I have had many injuries. I DO NOT like to take pain meds. I look for treatment plans that get me healed as quickly and safely as possible, so that I can return to my active lifestyle. I have treated at North Atlanta Chiropractic center for injuries like: plantar fasciitits, tennis elbow, wrist pain, neck/back/shoulder pain. As part of my treatment plan, K-Laser Therapy was prescribed. The staff used this near-infrared wave-lengths of laser light to treat my injuries. I can tell you that my pain level was greatly reduced, AND my healing time was lessened by the addition of this therapy to any other PT that I was doing. The reduction in pain was a great relief that happened almost instantly. Healing more quickly, and with less pain, was the result I was looking for.

Like what you learned in this blog? Need to know more about how this therapy can help you? Call 770-806-0644 for your no obligation consultation. This chiropractic office has been treating patients in the Duluth/Lawrenceville/Gwinnett County area for nearly 25 years. The office uses the best diagnostic techniques and therapies, has on-site Digital X-rays, and has has staff that is second to none.

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