Morning Stretch

You have visited our Chiropractor, had a thorough exam, and now you have a wellness plan designed to keep you healthy and enjoying your life. Part of that wellness plan may be strengthening exercise and stretches, prescribed by your chiropractor, to lessen your back or neck pain and increase flexibility in your joints and muscles. These stretches and exercises are vital to the success of your treatment plan whether you are being treated for pain after a car accident, or are seeking to improve your overall health with the benefits of chiropractic care at North Atlanta Chiropractic Center. The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that early morning stretching is especially effective for everyone.

When you wake in the morning, your body feels the need to stretch to increase flexibility and range of motion and relieve the stress that sleeping in one position overnight can cause. If you are having trouble sleeping because of pain caused by a back or neck injury, morning stretches are important to the healing process. If your reason for seeing our chiropractor is overall wellness, the prescribed stretches need to become part of your daily activities and are as important as eating well and staying hydrated.

Today’s stretch is focused on the neck area. It is suggested that this be done in the shower, after the heat of the water has warmed the muscles of your neck. Do this stretch gently and slowly, while taking deep breaths. Doing this stretch each morning will increase your range of motion, lessen any neck stiffness or pain you may have and increase blood flow to the muscles.

Stop any stretching that increases pain, and call the office. Report the benefits you feel when you come in for your adjustments. GET HEALTHY! GET ADJUSTED!

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