What Are Corrective Exercises?

chiropractor, corrective excersise If you suffer from low back pain, whiplash injury, or back spasms in Atlanta, your chiropractor can develop a personalized treatment plan for you. A pain management treatment plan may include corrective exercises, which are designed to correct the structural abnormalities that may be causing your pain. You can perform these corrective exercises between chiropractic appointments in your own home to improve your results.

Many chiropractic clients experience symptoms as a result of misaligned corrective tissue, in addition to misaligned vertebrae. The muscles and connective tissue may also be used improperly, which can contribute to injuries and pain. Doing your personalized series of corrective exercises and stretches in addition to receiving spinal manipulation therapy from your chiropractor will help restore your body to wellness sooner. Through these corrective exercises, you can strengthen key muscles groups that are responsible for providing support to your joints. The doctor of chiropractic will also help you learn to use proper biomechanics to prevent recurrent injuries.

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