A Patient’s Guide to Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression in Atlanta has helped countless patients find relief from painful back conditions. This specialized chiropractic technique works by gently stretching the spine, which reduces pressure on the nerves and intervertebral discs. Spinal decompression is a non-invasive, comfortable procedure that may help some patients avoid or delay back surgery.

Is Spinal Decompression Right for Me?

You can talk to a chiropractor to find out if spinal decompression therapy should be part of your pain management plan. This method can be helpful for patients with a wide range of back conditions, including sciatic nerve pain and spinal stenosis. It may help some patients who have undergone surgery. Spinal decompression can be particularly beneficial for patients with disc herniation. In fact, studies have demonstrated a reduction in disc herniation of the cervical and lumbar regions.

What Happens During Treatment?

During your appointment, you’ll lie comfortably on a special decompression table, which has movable components. A computer controls the force exerted on your spine. Your spine will be gently stretched a little bit at a time. You’ll have several breaks during this stretching process. As your spine stretches, a vacuum is created inside the discs. This allows nutrients to reach the disc, which is essential for the healing process.

How Soon Will I Feel Better?

Every patient is different. However, your course of spinal decompression therapy may last for six weeks. During the first two weeks, you’ll have a session every day. Since each session only takes 30 to 45 minutes, patients generally find that it isn’t difficult to fit them into a busy schedule. After your first two weeks, you may have three treatments per week for two more weeks. During the final two weeks, you can expect two treatments per week. You may achieve maximum pain relief when your course of treatment is complete; however, many patients enjoy a significant reduction in pain after the first two weeks.

Is There Any Risk Involved?

Spinal decompression is safe when administered by an experienced chiropractor. Ask your chiropractor whether the decompression table is equipped with an FDA-certified emergency system, which stops the equipment if a problem ever develops. Spinal decompression is completely painless. The only side effect some patients experience is temporary, mild muscle spasms.

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