• Staying Safe While You Play

    Summer is here. It is time to get outside, play sports, go for a hike and swim with friends and family. Here at North Atlantic Chiropractic Center, we would like to remind you to stay safe while participating in your favorite outdoor activities.

    Warming up and Staying Injury-Free

    Before you play any sports or participate in physical activity, our chiropractor would like to remind you to warm up and stretch. Warming up should consist of walking for five or 10 minutes. This gets the blood flowing to your muscles and loosens them. Next, stretch all of your major muscle groups to avoid strains and sprains while exercising.

    Common Summer Sports Injuries

    Even with stretching and warming up, you could still experience a sports injury, including muscle pulls, sprains, stress fractures, shin splints, tendonitis, tennis elbow and runner’s knee. If you get injured while participating in a sport or if you slip and fall, it is important to stop all physical activity and get to an area where you can sit down, elevate the injured body part and apply ice to minimize swelling.

    Chiropractic Treatment for Sports Injuries

    If there is no improvement in your symptoms within 24 hours, contact our chiropractic office to schedule an initial evaluation of your injury. This is especially important if you took a hard fall. Slips and falls can cause misaligned vertebrae, strains and sprains of the back and herniated discs.

    Chiropractic care can heal your injury faster than rest, heat and ice. Our sports injury treatments include chiropractic adjustments and k-laser therapy. Chiropractic adjustments help reduce inflammation by ensuring your joints are in their proper positions.

    K-laser therapy helps your injury heal on a cellular level. The low-level laser light penetrates deep into injured tissues. The light slightly warms the area which increases localized circulation. An increase in circulation translates into nutrients entering the cell and waste products being removed from the cell at an increased rate.

    Are you ready to try chiropractic care and k-laser therapy for your sports injuries?