• Should I See a Chiropractor After My Car Accident?

    Following even a minor “bumper thumper,” it’s not uncommon to feel some aches and pains. Even slow-speed impact cause’s damage to bodies as well as to vehicles and it is always wise to schedule a chiropractic evaluation just to make sure there is no serious injury. Even though a trip to the emergency room may not be necessary, it is good “insurance” to schedule a checkup to eliminate the possibility of future problems. Some people don’t associate pain with a whiplash injury until months later. Ignoring that pain will not eliminate it.

    Chiropractic Care Encourages Wellness

    Whiplash is the most common injury in a car accident, caused by the abrupt forward and backward jerk of the head at impact. The small bones, nerves and muscles of the neck are not meant to sustain that kind of abrupt movement. Symptoms vary widely; you may feel no pain at all. You might have trouble turning your head, feel stiffness in your neck, shoulders and upper arms, or even experience some shooting pains. Other common complaints include fatigue and trouble sleeping comfortably. If you hit your head or if you have dizziness, blurred vision, difficulty speaking or severe headaches, you should seek treatment immediately.

    Our chiropractors will thoroughly examine your spine, test your range of motion, and ask specific details about your accident, paying particular attention to the upper portion of your spine where the smallest vertebrae are located. X-rays may be necessary to determine the extent of any injury or misalignment. A single non-invasive adjustment may be all that is necessary to return you to top physical condition, or our caring professionals at North Atlanta Chiropractic Center may suggest a treatment that includes gentle, repetitive exercise, applications of heat and cold, massage therapy and relaxation techniques.

    Our goal is empowerment; we will work with you to restore full function to your spine and your extremities following an automobile accident. Won’t you make your call to our Duluth clinic a priority? Repairing your body is much more important than repairing your car.